Do you think any action is required on the M56 motorway between junctions 14 and 12, in light of the number of traffic collisions on that stretch over the past six months?

To reduce motorway accidents I believe we need to reduce traffic congestion by improving public transport, which has become too expensive and unreliable for most people.

The Green Party want to reduce fares on the trains and re-nationalise the railways.

At the moment the trains in this area are run on a shoestring, with extortionate prices by Arriva; a branch of the German state-owned rail company.

We need to take freight off the roads also. A related issue is that 60,000 people are dying in this country yearly from particulates and NO2 emissions from cars and industry, which is a real issue in Frodsham and Runcorn.

Do you think Weaver Vale’s green spaces are suitable for developments such as Frodsham Wind Farm, Ince Resource Recovery Park and the proposed Hapsford Solar Farm?

Wind and solar energy developments are essential in tackling climate change and providing energy security.

It’s important that they are sited with sensitivity to the local population and should provide subsidised energy for people nearby.

Onshore wind is now cheaper than nuclear energy.

The Conservatives want to bring fracking to Weaver Vale which will hasten climate change, take up a huge amount of green space and pollute our water and air.

Recycling waste should be a priority.

How would you support the delivery of the Halton Curve and improve rail travel in Weaver Vale?

Reopening the Halton curve is an excellent idea. It will enable people to get to Liverpool much faster.

I’m concerned that the Government’s reasons for opening it may be more about getting more waste to the Runcorn incinerator than improving public transport.

The recent running of the East Coast Main Line by the public sector at a profit demonstrates that railways don’t have to be privately run.

The Green Party would re-nationalise the railways and reduce fares.

Is it fair that motorists in Weaver Vale have to pay to use certain roads, for example the Silver Jubilee and Mersey Gateway bridges?

It doesn’t seem fair that Weaver Vale residents will have to pay for the use of the bridges, especially when no other convenient transport options exist.

It seems like the new bridge is a Government vanity project that local people may end up paying for.

Investment in public transport and cycling infrastructure would be a better way of reducing congestion before opening a new bridge.

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