Campaigners against a student housing complex will be able to put their case forward at a planning inquiry.

Members of the public applauded when Cheshire West and Chester Council’s strategic planning committee rejected Miller Developments’ 350-bed scheme next to Telford’s Warehouse at Tower Wharf in Chester in January.

Worries were raised about the impact on the Telford’s community pub, nearby streets due to parking overspill and, above all, the character of the neighbourhood.

Members overturned their planning officer’s recommendation for approval to one of refusal based on loss of employment land, harm to the conservation area and the detrimental effect on the local area and community.

Miller appealed the decision which will now examined at an inquiry before an inspector where the developer and opponents will get the opportunity to offer their views. Further details will be made available when confirmed.

Objector Joyce Brunton, 81, who has lived in the Garden Lane area for more than 30 years, dreads the noise and drunken behaviour that accompanies each new intake.

“Last year was particularly bad. I think it was worse than ever before,” she said. “It’s the imbalance of the number of students in this area that is impacting on local people.”

The grandmother-of-four, who is in favour of an out-of-town student village, added: “When I’m walking down the steps often some of them will ask ‘Can I carry your bag for you?’ and I don’t want to tar every student with the same brush.”

The proposal has been worked up with the University of Chester which has a requirement for about 3,000 new units by 2016 and would manage the accommodation.