Bra-vissimo to the ladies from a Little Sutton women’s Institute group who have been brightening up the area with unusual planters.

The Little Sutton Sapphire Women’s Institute decorated the streets of the village last night (Wednesday, July 13) with hanging ‘braskets’, blossoming brassieres they had created for a national WI competition to promote sustainable gardening.

The bras are stuffed with all kinds of brightly-coloured flowers but the underwear is perfect as a fruit or vegetable planter too.

The idea was prompted by the Positive Action for Little Sutton’ (PALS) group, who are encouraging everyone who lives, works or travels through Little Sutton to do a small thing to make the village environment better and to help brighten up the area.

Lynne Callister, Kerry Lee, Diane Crosthwaite and Adele Hewitt

The event marked Little Sutton Sapphires WI midpoint of their first year and they celebrated the evening with cocktails and a barbecue. The theme for the evening was Women in Farming and they invited two local female farmers along as guest speakers, reflecting the WI’s long history of supporting rural and local farmers.