Fans of classic British TV comedy are in for a treat as Tip Top Productions present a specially written stage version of the much loved BBC TV series Hi-De-Hi at the Forum Studio Theatre in Chester from March 17-26.

Written by the legendary Jimmy Perry and David Croft who also wrote several other hit shows including Dad’s Army, the stage show faithfully re-creates the 1950s world of Maplins Holiday Camp and features all the well known characters from the TV series.

Set at the start of a new season, founder Joe Maplin announces that he is setting up a camp in the Bahamas and needs female yellowcoats (entertainers) to go and work there.

The annual Miss Yellowcoat competition will decide who.

Camp chalet maid Peggy, meanwhile, is thrilled at the prospect of a vacancy for a new yellowcoat and convinces entertainments manager Jeffrey that she is the ideal candidate for the job. Camp host Ted is forced to employ numerous money-making schemes when his ex wife turns up at the camp with a bailiff in tow and Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves send the rumour mill into its usual overdrive when Gladys is overheard escorting Jeffrey into his chalet late one evening.

The play is directed by Rob Stevens, of Wrexham.

Rob said: “Hi-De-Hi is such an iconic show, full of such well known characters and catch phrases, the cast got very excited when their yellow coat costumes arrived and they got to try them on for the first time, everyone except Steph Phillips who is playing Peggy the chalet maid that is, she isn’t allowed to go near them of course.”

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