Two University of Chester students are holding an exhibition and auction of art to help buy vital equipment for youngsters in South Africa tomorrow (June 6).

Cora Batley-Moss, 20, from Flint, has been working as a volunteer at an art club in Knysna in the west part of the African cape as part of her fine arts course at the University of Chester and has brought back artwork for the auction.

The 20-year-old has been teaching art and craft skills to local children, many of whom come from very poor backgrounds while some have to collect rubbish to hand in at recycling centres, to earn money to support their brothers and sisters.

Her former flatmate Gemma Rodgers, also 20 and from Denbigh, who is studying photography and fine art, is helping the university set up exhibitions for the final degree shows for students in their third year of art studies.

Cora, from Glan Gors in Flint who is in the second year of her fine art degree, said: “We want to show off the children’s work with an exhibition on Friday June 6 at the university’s Binks Building. The artworks will also be for sale, and all the money raised will be sent back to the school to help them buy equipment.

“It is a poor part of South Africa - although it is very beautiful and popular with tourists, many visitors do not realise the conditions in which local people live. Our time there has shown me how important art is to people especially those who have to live in very challenging  circumstances.

“Many of these children are very talented and have a different approach to art than what I’ve so far experienced.”

Cora, a former pupil at Flint High and St Richard Gwyn Schools in Flint, and the Alun in Mold, added: “Things we took for granted at school -  such as textbooks, paint paper and other art equipment -  are in very short supply in Knynsa. That’s why we decided to do what we could to help.”

The art exhibition and auction on June 6 starts at 6pm at Chester University’s Binks Building, on the main campus.