A roller derby club from Rudheath are sharing their passion for Europe’s fastest growing female sport with a larger audience thanks to a BBC iPlayer documentary.

North Cheshire Victory Rollers (NCVR), which was founded four years ago, is one of the fast and furious leagues ‘Roller Derby: Skate Fast, Hit Hard’ shines a light on as part of BBC Sport’s Get Inspired programme.

Filmed earlier this year, the show follows the 20-strong team as they prepare to take on The Rainy City Roller Girls at Oldham’s Thunderdome, the only dedicated roller derby centre in Europe.

The contact sport, known for being inclusive regardless of size or ability, sees two teams compete on quad roller skates on a flat oval track.

It all started for Zoe Corker, one of NCVR’s four blockers, when her husband gave her a pair of roller skates for her 30th birthday.

She credits roller derby, which originated from roller skating marathons in the 1920s, with boosting her confidence.

The documentary, Zoe says, sets out to show the values promoted by roller derby.

“Some people think it is really aggressive but it is more about a community of women working towards the same goal,” she explained.

“You have to be really fit and responsive.

“It’s fantastic.”

For more information about the North Cheshire Victory Rollers, click here.