John Rooney and Jamie Menagh left one nine-year-old Blues fan with a huge smile on his face after surprising him as he tucked into a McDonald's.

Henry Rimmer wrote a letter to he beloved Chester FC not long after Steve Burr had been appointed manager.

As well as asking for some advice from the team on what he could do to become a better footballer, the Helsby Hillside Primary School pupil gave the players a few helpful pointers on how to improve results.

Henry, who plays for Helsby FC, stapled a sheet of paper to his letter and asked whether the club would be able to return it to him complete with autographs from the squad.

So impressed was the club, football secretary Calvin Hughes decided to organise a special reward for Henry, who sits in the Centurion Community Stand at the Swansway Chester Stadium with dad Dave.

Henry was delighted when he received a sheet of paper filled with autographs but there was a further surprise to come.

Mum Keira took Henry to McDonald’s on the Greyhound Retail Park for tea last Thursday and the youngster could barely believe his eyes when Rooney – his favourite player – and Menagh turned up to present him with a signed football.

Keira said: “I didn’t know Henry had wrote the letter until he came downstairs with it and said ‘I want to send this to Steve Burr’.

“It was a really lovely letter and he asked for some specific advice about how he could raise his game so I helped him put his address on the top and we sent it off.

“The club went above and beyond to be quite truthful and for John and Jamie to come and meet Henry spoke volumes about the pair of them.

“Henry had no idea what was about to happen and I had to take him into Chester on the pretext of shopping, which he wasn’t too happy about.

“His face was a picture when John and Jamie walked in. The lads were fantastic with him, asking him what position he played and it means a lot to him.

“His dad was working in London that day but when Henry got home he went straight to his dad and told him what had happened and said to him ‘I was just speechless’.”

Henry has been to almost every home game this season but is not able to attend the crucial clash with cross-border rivals Wrexham on Saturday.

Keira said: “Henry has followed the team all season but I know he’s very nervous about the current situation.

“He’ll be cheering for them on Saturday and fingers crossed the team can get the result he wants.

“I really think it’s a credit to the club and to John and Jamie that they took time out to come and meet Henry.

“We’re going to put everything in a frame for him and he’s still smiling now.”