IT'S not grim up north, according to a survey saying Chester is the fifth happiest place to live in the UK.

A survey conducted by online property website Rightmove showed the five towns or cities that came out best were all in the North of England, with Carlisle scoring highest, followed by York, Huddersfield, Harrogate and Chester. Llandudno came just behind Chester in sixth place in the happiest towns survey.

The survey questioned 25,000 people about their level of contentment on everything from size, value and decor of their homes to safety, how friendly neighbours are and qualities of local amenities being asked.

Huddersfield took third place whilst Harrogate came fourth, followed by Chester.

Nine out of 10 of the unhappiest places to live were all in London or the South East area. The only unhappiest town in the north was Oldham (see below for the full lists).

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The Happiest

1. Carlise, 2. York, 3. Huddersfield, 4. Harrogate, 5. Chester, 6. Llandudno, 7. Norwich, 8. Derby, 9. Dorchester and 10. Exeter

The Unhappiest

1. East London, 2. Ilford, 3. South East London, 4. Luton, 5. Romford, 6. Oldham, 7. Enfield, 8. North London, 9. West London and 10. Harrow