A selfless seven-year-old boy from Chester is selling his toys for the homeless this Christmas.

Harry Harrison, from Hoole, has put some of his beloved games and puzzles up for sale.

Any money raised will go to the Chester Aid to the Homeless (CATH) charity.

Mum Natalie said it was all her son’s ‘selfless’ suggestion.

She said: “We were going to have a sort through his toys ahead of Christmas and Harry said could we donate some of them.

“I’m incredibly proud of him, it’s a lovely idea.

“He keeps asking when we are doing it and when we are going to give the money in.

“We’ve still got more stuff to sell so hopefully we can raise even more.”

The idea to raise money through selling his games came about a few weeks ago.

Watch: Harry explains why he wants to help the homeless

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Natalie said her son had been inspired by a trip to Manchester on which he encountered homelessness for the first time and it had stuck with him to see people living on the streets.

The issue becomes increasingly prominent at this time of the year as temperatures drop towards freezing during the night.

Harry’s mum has been advertising the toys, including some of his Spiderman favourite puzzles, through her Facebook account.

The Mickle Trafford Village School pupil also gave a donation to CATH instead of giving out Christmas cards.

Some of the games and puzzles seven-year-old Harry Harrison is selling in aid of the homeless

So far Harry has raised £35 from his sales. Chester Nomads Junior Football Club, who the youngster plays for, have also promised to double the final total.

CATH education manager John Buchanan said: “I think it shows the depth and breadth of support we get from the community as we couldn’t continue to do what we do without them.

“It also shows people aren’t as ruthless as they are made out to be in some sections of the media.

“When you see a seven-year-old boy wants to help it brings it home.

“The community are our greatest strength, but it’s the authorities which need to act to tackle homelessness.”

CATH offers accommodation and support to those who have been living rough on Chester’s streets.

For more information about the charity and how to donate to the cause visit www.cath.org.uk/.

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