Year 4 pupils at The Queen’s School have taken their annual Secret Santa global this year to help the plight of Syrian refugees.

Instead of buying each other small gifts for Christmas they decided to buy gifts for children in need on the other side of the world.

Using UNICEF ‘gift ideas’ the girls have bought warm hats and gloves for eight children, tetanus injections for 1,000 children, winter boots for a child and an emergency hygiene pack for a family.

Year 4 pupils at The Queens School have been buying Christmas gifts for Syrian refugees

Class teacher Rosemary Evans said: “It started in a PSHE lesson. The girls were discussing the meaning of the word ‘intolerance’ and how this can have a huge impact on all our lives. The conflict in Syria was brought up as an example of the terrible consequences when two sides are locked in battle and it stopped us short really.

“The next question was ‘Can we do anything to help them?’ and suddenly, touchingly, an idea was born. The girls suggested swapping our usual Secret Santa for something more meaningful.

“Once the thought was out there, there was no stopping them! They researched Syria and ways to give gifts and were unbelievably excited, despite the knowledge that this would be a one-way exchange.

“It has been a thought-provoking experience for the girls and I am proud that their actions have exhibited the true Christmas spirit.”