POLICE say no offence was committed after reports that a man tried to persuade children to get in his car in Overpool.

Cheshire police said they reponded to a report of suspicious activity outside Huxley Court, Croughton Road, at about 7.48pm on Monday night.

Cheshire Constabulary spokesman George Perfitt said: “Officers have fully investigated the circumstances around the report, a thorough search of the area was completed and officers have spoken to the children involved.

“Although the incident understandably caused concern in the local community, police can confirm that no criminal offences were committed. There have been no further reports since.

“The Constabulary take any reports of this nature seriously and will fully investigate any reports of suspicious behaviour involving children being approached adults.

“We advise all parents and guardians to have an awareness of their child’s personal safety and to offer guidance regarding stranger danger to schoolchildren.”