WREXHAM manager Denis Smith says he never doubted that the club would exit administration before the new season started.

The Dragons' boss was speaking after new owners Neville Dickens and Geoff Moss got the green light from the Football League to purchase the "golden share" that puts them on aequal footing with the other 71 member clubs.

He said: "We've been working with the players since the beginning of July knowing that we were going to come out of administration, so today's news is not a surprise because I was always confident it would happen."

But Smith admitted to a sense of relief that the club was finally in control of its own destiny after 19 months in administration.

"Ever since I arrived at the club it's been a bit of amess," he added. "After the administrators got involved, the situation improved somewhat, despite the many restrictions that were placed upon us by the Football League.

"Once Nev and Geoff came in, life has been a whole lot easier and now that we are coming out of administration we all expect the club to go forward."

Yesterday's deal also ended 72 hours of uncertainty about the availability of a £2.5m bridging loan from property millionaire Steve Morgan.

But Smith was unhappy about the media speculation suggesting that Wrexham might not be in a position to fulfil tomorrow's opening fixture against Wycombe.

"There has been afeeding frenzy by the media this week which has been very unhelpful," he said.

"The players were unsettled by the speculation, which is hardly surprising because they have careers, wives and families to think about."