A BUDDING TV presenter from Little Sutton will be seen on prime-time TV in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent series.

Carl Loughlin-Ravenscroft has made a name for himself in the area as his alter-ego Grandpa Joe, a crazy old man who brings fairy tales to life in a rather unique way.

Grandpa Joe reads traditional children’s stories before pulling disgusting props out of his book, such as Red Riding Hood’s hand.

Carl has performed his Grandpa Joe sketches at libraries across Ellesmere Port and Wirral but in March he will be performing in front of even bigger crowds in the audition round of the next series of the talent show.

Carl, a library manager, said: “I’m excited but also quite stressed out trying to find dancers and children, making up my dance routine and trying to find rehearsal space to practice.

“We only had a week before the first audition round for TV producers and just cobbled together a simple routine.

“I have a new dancer joining me too – John Pemberton, who runs Dynamite Dance in Ellesmere Port. He has danced with Kylie and Girls Aloud and now we have him on board we can really make the act as amazing as we hoped.

“Obviously Grandpa Joe is book-related so the act will be based on Grandpa Joe reading Red Riding Hood in his own special way.”

Carl added: “We will be starting to rehearse after Christmas at Stanney Grove Community Centre, which gives us four weeks until the show on March 2, and we will then be counting the support of Ellesmere Port and Wirral behind us.

“And we’re also looking for someone with a good sewing machine to help us make some of the costumes if anyone can help us.”

Grandpa Joe will be performing a new show at Ellesmere Port Library on Wednesday, February 20 and will be seen on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent on Sunday, March 3. To watch Grandpa Joe’s videos, visit Carl’s website at www.CarlOnTV.com.