Youngsters at a school in Ellesmere Port had a visit at the launch of a nationwide initiative to get teenagers working together to keep themselves safer on the web.

Google teamed up with MP Andrew Miller as they dropped in to Ellesmere Catholic High as part of the Well Versed campaign which has seen teenagers up and down the country share their top tips and techniques for navigating the internet safely.

Well Versed is being fronted by YouTube storytelling star KickThePJ whose teenage audience totals more than half a million subscribers.

Google and parenting experts at The Parent Zone joined forces to create the initiative together with London based youth engagement agency, Livity.

Aimed at 13- to 18-year-olds, it will encourage young people to take part in the creation of an online safety campaign supported by and targeted towards their peers.

The initiative says the internet is an integral part of teenagers’ lives, with independent research showing nine out of 10 teenagers sleep next to their mobile phones and eight out of 10 watch YouTube on a regular basis.

Dan Cobley, managing director of Google UK, said:“The web has revolutionised the way we share information.

“But helping young people navigate the online world safely and confidently remains an ongoing challenge.

“We’re delighted to support the Well Versed campaign and empower teenagers to share their techniques for dealing with some of the day to day challenges of mastering life online.”

Campaigners hope that, inspired by their YouTube heroes, Ellesmere Port teenagers will join thousands across Britain to post film clips online with their tips for managing their life online.


Mr Miller said:“With young people spending more and more time online, it is important that we do everything to keep them safe.

“I really welcomed the opportunity to discuss this issue to hear pupils’ ideas about how to stay safe online.

“Many young people will know far more than their parents and teachers about the online world so it’s vital we listen to their views and experiences.”

YouTube creator, KickthePJ, said: “I'm calling on the teens in Ellesmere Port and all over the country to get involved, get online, and talk to each other about how to make the best of the internet and stay safe and happy whilst they do so."

Vicki Shotbolt, chief executive officer of The Parent Zone added: “We provide our children with a wealth of information on staying healthy, staying safe and keeping out of trouble in the real world, but all too often parents struggle to provide them with the same support online.”

The best videos from around the country will be collected into a final mash-up film which will be premiered at Google HQ in the summer.

Young people and parents can find out more about the campaign at