A DIRECTORY has lifted the lid on massage parlours in Ellesmere Port.

The exhaustive list of parlours across the UK shamelessly describes each massage parlour and features explicit photographs of the women who work there.

One, ‘Bambis’, is located in Whitby Road and overlooks Asda’s car park – where ‘punters’ are directed to park.

It is advertised as being open from 11am until 8pm.

Each establishment is listed with contact details, opening hours, costs, a list of services on offer and reviews and ratings.

One of the girls, Summer, is described as being ‘of note’ and visitors are even advised on the ease of access for disabled people.

“Staff will help one up if need be,” it reads.

Another, ‘The Office’ is in Station Road and visitors are advised to park around the corner in Cook Street. According to the book, it operates from a commercial unit by the flyover.

A so-called private establishment in a flat over a shop in Chester Road, Whitby, called ‘Top Class’ boasts a room devoted to corrective services and lists a ‘dungeon’ among its facilities.

A working lady, Angel, has an apartment in the town while another, Karen, is situated near Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village and refers to herself as ‘Nawty Gal’.

Author of the book McCoy’s Guide to Adult Services in the West Midlands and Wales George McCoy said he collects reviews himself as well as from a personal assistant and other sources.

He began to write and publish guides to parlours and escorts after a career selling vinyl records ended and following his wife’s death.

He said: “When my wife died I no longer felt like I had to be embarrassed.

“I’m prepared to stick up for a sector of society treated in contempt, like homosexuals were in the 1960s.”

Asked about problems reported in the adult services industry, and whether he would be happy for a loved one to be employed in the industry, he said: “I’ve only come across a trivial number of trafficked women.

“Many are often single mothers and some have got into debt, but most do it out of free choice.

“If a family member wanted to work in this industry, my opinion would depend on what they were expecting but I would respect their decision.”

Earlier this year Cllr Pat Merrick, deputy leader of the Labour group at Cheshire West and Chester Council, conducted a study into sex workers in the borough.

It concluded that street prostitution, the most dangerous form, did not appear to have a recognised area of operation in Cheshire West. However, the report acknowledged massage parlours in Ellesmere Port and Chester.

She said: “It is similar to the legalisation of drugs debate. “My main consideration with the sex workers brief study was the safety of the people involved in the industry.

“Prostitution will never go away while there are people prepared to pay for sex and people happy or desperate enough to sell their services.

“These books are apparently on sale in book shops and are not illegal.”