An estate agents in Delamere has lent its support to a Cuddington preschool by funding the design and printing of new leaflets publicising its facilities. has selected Squirrels Pre-School Nursery, which opened in 1978, as its nominated charity. manager Mike Lancaster said: “Squirrels Pre School is an extremely worthy charity. Providing traditional day care from two years to pre-school age. Many of our staff live locally but of course all work within their local community and therefore supporting a local charity is, we believe, a vital part of our role as a local business. We are therefore proud to be supporting this charity and look forward to organising events and raising much needed funds.

“What makes this pre-school very different to the more corporate childcare setting is the little things that are done. The goal of both isŠthe same, to provide wonderful learning experiences for the child. The major difference is the type of learning experience each school provides and the methods they use to achieve such experiences.”

Hannah Smith, a trustee for Squirrels, said: “We are incredibly grateful for the support Delamere is providing and the efforts they are making to support our cause, we are looking forward to implementing some of their approaches.”

The rapidly growing sales and letting agent prides itself not only on its quirky brand but also on its extensive marketing and working hard to deliver results for its clients.

For more information or to take advantage of the ‘Introduce a landlord or property seller to us and on completion of sale or let we will give you up to £150 in Squirrels vouchers’ offer, telephone 01606 412030.