A CONVICTED sex offender who exposed himself to young girls as they played outside their homes is facing a jail term, a court heard.

At 4.45pm on August 28, Andrew Bradshaw, of Hoole Way, Chester, exposed himself while parked near two 13-year-old girls who were playing close to their homes in Little Sutton.

Just an hour later, Bradshaw parked feet away from a garden in Ellesmere Port where two girls were playing before exposing himself again. The girls were aged just nine and 11.

The 44-year-old, who is a convicted sex offender with a lengthy list of convictions against young girls, pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent exposure at Chester Crown Court yesterday.

In 2004, Bradshaw was sentenced to seven years behind bars and placed on the sex offender’s register for life after targeting and attacking young girls as they walked to and from school.

Yesterday Bradshaw had been due to stand trial for four counts of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child but pleaded guilty to the alternative counts – carrying a lesser sentence – shortly after his trial started.

Addressing the courtroom, packed with family and friends of Bradshaw’s young victims, the Recorder of Chester Judge Elgan Edwards said the 44-year-old would not avoid a prison sentence for his crimes.

“[Bradshaw] has a very bad record for sex offences. I take an extremely dim view that it is only on the morning of this trial he has pleaded guilty and four young children have been made to wait to give evidence,” he said.

“I tell you and I tell him that a custodial sentence is quite inevitable and it will be one of some length.”

Bradshaw originally claimed the incidents had been a case of mistaken identity, saying he was not there and the children had identified the wrong man.

He remains in custody and is due back before Chester Crown Court on March 14 for sentencing.