A CAMPAIGN to stop houses being built on green space has been relaunched seven years after its first success.

The Ledsham Action Group was formed more than a decade ago to fight plans to build houses on farmland south of Ledsham Road in Little Sutton.

This weekend saw the group re-formed to stop developer Redrow in its latest attempt to build a 2,000-home scheme in the area.

It successfully challenged the original Local Plan for Ellesmere Port, succeeding in halving the original proposals for the area and defeating Redrow’s full application for 400 houses in 2004.

Graham Phipp, one of the leaders of the original Ledsham Action Group, said: “Redrow’s plans to build 2,000 houses in Little Sutton and Great Sutton are outrageous. This is five times the size of the previous proposals which we worked hard to oppose and which were eventually recommended for refusal.”

Friday and Saturday saw Redrow and its agents stage an event at Little Sutton Community Centre for residents to see draft proposals.

Graham Penness, another Ledsham Action Group stalwart present at both sessions, said: “Hundreds of residents attended these sessions and their overwhelming view was clear: we do not need this, we do not want this and it would cause tremendous damage to the communities of Great Sutton and Little Sutton.”

Ledsham and Manor councillor Gareth Anderson arranged for leaflets to be handed to residents at the event telling them about the campaign group.

Cllr Anderson said: “Whether residents want to help influence the plans or they want to stop them altogether, we will be much more effective if we work together as a community. We will be holding a community meeting to organise ourselves very soon. Any resident who would like to ensure they are informed of the details should contact me.”

Residents can email details to gareth.anderson@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk, call 0151 339 4390 or visit www.garethanderson.net.

Redrow has yet to draw up a formal planning application and is considering residents’ views.