The first talk in Cheshire Military Museum in Chester’s autumn series will be held on Thursday at 2pm.

The talk focuses on the invasion of Togoland, where British soldiers took part in their first action in the First World War.

Soldiers of the Gold Coast Regiment in marching order, their hats are typical West African styles of the period, 1914

The British and French invaded the German colony of Togoland in West Africa in August 1914.

Robert Gladding, who is giving the talk, said: “This is a fascinating part of the very early stages of the Great War and I am excited to tell everyone about it and why it was so important.”

RSM Alhaji Grunshi, DCM, MM., Gold Coast Regiment, WAFF. (circa 1919). As a private he became the first British soldier to fire a shot in anger in the First World War

The talk costs £4 and includes entrance to the museum and tea and biscuits.

Booking is essential, call 01244 327617 or email