A CARING mum who has continued to support her inspirational daughters through life-threatening illnesses despite battling cancer herself has been nominated for a Your Champions award.

Dianne Jones, mother of Your Champions 2010 overall winner Hannah Jones and Molly Jones, was diagnosed with breast cancer one year ago but has showed great determination to carry on looking after her children.

Molly, who secretly put forward her mum to be nominated, said: “I would like to nominate my mum for this award as she is an amazing person.

“Three years ago, my older sister Hannah was diagnosed with a grade three anoplastic astrocytoma, a very aggressive brain tumour. My mum stayed strong through all of this even when my sister had a stroke.

“She also helped me through my sister’s illness and I couldn’t have coped without her.

“If that wasn’t enough, my lovely mum was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, but this didn’t phase her at all, as she believed after what had happened to Hannah, her cancer was nothing.

“While on her chemotherapy, she continued to fundraise for the Brain Tumour Charity and was a rock for our whole family to lean on.

“She wouldn’t let anything get in the way of her ambitions and made sure me and Hannah were ok before she cared for herself.

“This year, I was diagnosed with a cyst on my brain which I have had operated on three times, one of which I contracted meningitis.

“Mum sat by my bed in the high dependency unit every night even though it was just months after her own treatment.

“Nobody has shown more bravery than my mum and it’s about time she got some recognition for everything she has done. She is a true hero, nobody deserves this award more!”