The world’s smallest species of monkey has been born at Chester Zoo .

The tiny Eastern pygmy marmoset who is yet to be named or sexed was born to six-year-old mum Audrey in early January but has only just grown to a size big enough to be spotted.

When fully grown, the creature will only measure five inches in length and will weigh up to just 150g.

Aside from doing the feeding, female Eastern pygmy marmosets are not known for their parental care, so the mini monkey is currently being carried around by its dad, Gumi, age seven.

The South American primates are native to the forests of Brazil, Ecuador and Peru where they are threatened by habitat destruction and their capture for the pet trade.

Despite their tiny stature, pygmy marmosets, whose name originates from the French word ‘marmouset’ meaning shrimp, make a lot of loud noises and their whistles and squeals can be heard throughout the rainforest.

They also eat specialised diets which include insects, fruit and tree sap.