A violent man has been jailed for nine years – for the second time.

Leslie Scott Davies of Broughton admitted that in drink he stabbed a man in the back in Mold town centre.

Mold Crown Court heard how Davies had previously received a nine year prison sentence following an incident when he and another were involved in setting a man alight.

Davies, 40, formerly of Mold but now of Herewood Road in Broughton, admitted a charge of wounding Shaun Edwards with intent to cause grievous bodily harm following an incident last October in Earl Road in Mold.

The court heard he was so drunk he could not remember much about what had happened.

Returned with kitchen knife

It was alleged a friend of his came under attack, Davies left to get reinforcements but returned with a kitchen knife. He was so drunk that he fell as he carried it, injuring his own hand.

The victim – who had been trying to break up the earlier violence - ran when he saw the defendant approach him holding the knife in his hand, which was wrapped in a towel.

He did not initially realise that he had been stabbed in the back as he ran – but he felt his back was wet and when he took off his coat he realised that he had been stabbed. His lung had been punctured, explained prosecuting barrister Simon Rogers.

'Appalling act'

Judge David Hale said Davies had an appalling record for violence and in 2005 had received a nine year prison sentence for a ‘really appalling act’ but he accepted he may not have been ‘the main player’ in that offence.

Following his release he had settled down and remained out of trouble for five years but when his relationship broke down he started taking drink and drugs.

Judge Hale said that night he had been out drinking with a friend, that friend had an argument with some people he knew and it turned into violence between them.

Davies went to get reinforcements but what he got from a neighbouring house was a knife and he used it once to stab a man in the back.

Victim in hospital

The victim’s lung was punctured, he was in hospital for three days but then had to return to hospital for three weeks for further problems with his lungs.

Davies had always accepted he was responsible for causing the injury, the only issue would have been one of his intention. He had pleaded guilty on the day of trial, the judge said.

The starting point was one of 11 years but it would be reduced to nine because of his guilty plea. Judge Hale warned that the injury could have been so much worse.

Davies was arrested after running away from the police and he was aggressive towards them. He was found to have a cut to his finger where Phillip Tully, defending, said his client had fallen while carrying the knife.

Police recovered the knife from a nearby garden.

Victim impact statement

In a victim impact statement Mr Edwards told how he suffered breathlessness and night sweats and had fluid on the lung, an infection and had to return to hospital for nine days.

Mr Tully said his client knew it had to be a significant sentence. It would not have happened but for the fact that he was drunk and others became involved in violence.

He knew that leaving the scene and returning with a kitchen knife was wrong. It was his case that he had been given the knife when he went to get help but no one was willing to return to the scene with him.

There was no premeditation, he was ashamed and genuinely remorseful and it was a shame for a man with his record to remain out of trouble for five years had been impressive.