SAFETY advice was given to students to help reduce the number of preventable crimes.

Home safety action week, a joint initiative between the police, the University of Chester and the students’ union, saw leaflets handed out in the Garden Lane area.

Among the advice given was:

If you think you are being pursued, check by crossing the road to see if they follow. Go to the nearest place where there are people, such as a pub and call police.

If you regularly go jogging or cycling, vary your route and time. Stick to well-lit roads with pavements.

If you wear a personal stereo, keep the volume relatively low so you can hear traffic or someone approaching you from behind.

Don’t take short-cuts through dark alleys, parks or across waste ground.

Don’t hitch-hike or take lifts from strangers.

At night, don’t walk around the city alone, walk through subways or around the walls.

If attacked, shout ‘Fire!’ rather than help as this often attracts more attention.

Anyone whose personal safety is infringed can call the students’ union or student support and guidance. University porters can be contacted 24 hours a day on 01244 511541.