A TARPORLEY student hopes to have made a difference after spending his summer teaching under privileged children in Malawi.

With the help of generous donations from friends, family and organisations Stuart Smith, of Little Budworth travelled to Malawi in East Africa.

Stuart’s adventure began on July 4 and he admits he found it all a bit of shock, particularly when he found out he was replacing a teacher who died aged 26 from HIV.

During the six weeks he spent in Malawi Stuart slept under a mosquito net, he washed his clothes in a bucket and was watched over by 24 security guards. Stuart spent most of his time teaching in Mtaka taka school.

He said: “The children found me very amusing to begin with. My every move was watched and laughed at. “When I asked a question a thick blanket of silence fell upon the room.

“Then I appeared with my stickers and pens. Suddenly countless hands whipped towards me, clicking their fingers and pupils desperately shouted ‘Sir, Sir.”

Stuart said he was a novelty to the children: “Whenever I walked anywhere, I would have at least 10 children clutching hold of my arms, rubbing and sniffing my skin. Believe me this was weird to start with but I got used to it when I realised they just wanted some tender loving care.”

During his time in Malawi he also taught teachers, distributed mosquito nets and worked at an orphanage.

Stuart added:” I have never been more reluctant to leave a place in my life. I knew there was so much more I still wanted to do in Malawi.”

Stuart now hopes to launch a fundraising idea called ‘A box of happiness’. He intends to send a large box of, stationary and other everyday necessities to the school once a year on July 4 as this is the day his life changing experience began. To contact Stuart email stusmith13@hotmail.com.