A SUCCESSFUL Saltney playscheme has received a funding boost for its 15th year.

The youth-focused initiative, which runs a summer playscheme from Saltney Community Centre that hundreds of children attend, has received £2,500 from Saltney Town Council.

Youth play worker Julie Thomas said: “We have applied for £1,750 for the playscheme for younger children and £750 for the summer activities programme for older children, which would be match-funded.

“We put a lot of time and effort into this and I usually start planning the summer activities scheme this month.

“It’s mostly run by young people and the costs have remained the same for the past five years, while we still look to provide the same services.

“It’s also a great accreditation for the children involved as team leaders to put on their CV.”

Cllr Tiffany Elliott said: “It’s a life-changing experience and I am wholly in favour of supporting this.”

Cllr Ann Lloyd added: “It’s not just the young children but also the staff and the parents who benefit.”

The council unanimously supported the decision to provide a £2,500 donation.

A request for a £250 grant to provide for new costumes and dancing displays at the School of Dancing, based in the Oddfellows, was unanimously approved by Saltney town councillors.