THE prospect of a gated community has led to objections from parish councillors.

Their opposition involves a planning application made by Beth Dudley at 2 Wilbraham Close off the A56 Warrington Road in Mickle Trafford.

Mrs Dudley has told planning officers at Chester City Council she is seeking permission to install automatic 2m high gates at the entrance to the cul de sac of five modern detached homes.

They would be set back over 7m from the road.

Mickle Trafford and District Parish Council insists the entrance would result in a gated community.

Councillors are concerned about highway safety and believe there will be problems with post and refuse collection.

Mrs Dudley points out that nearby Mickle Lodge, with over 15 residents, already has gates.

“The main concern and reason for the proposed gates is safety for our children,” she points out.

“When we moved to Wilbraham Close we were under the impression that the Gowy landfill site would be closed by 2008.

“This has clearly not happened and has been further extended.

“The amount of heavy vehicles travelling up and down the A56 throughout the day is immense, the speed they travel at is frightening.

“With two small children myself and other neighbours who have children this is the most crucial factor in acquiring the gates.”

She adds: “With the speed and sheer volume of vehicles we must have safety measures in place.”

She is backed by neighbours Susan Black and Graham Skilton.

Planning officers point out the gates would deny public access to the close.

Their design, with a see through appearance, would be in keeping with the houses and the surrounding area and would be similar to those at Mickle Lodge.

Recommending the application should be approved, planning officers point to an appeal decision elsewhere in the country where the inspector allowed gates serving 11 houses.

They point out any problems with refuse collection and post would not be planning matters.

The application is due to be considered at a meeting of the city's planning board taking place at the Crowne Plaza hotel on Wednesday (January 7) at 10.30am.