Opinions remain split on the value and look of Frodsham Wind Farm as it transforms the landscape.

Chronicle readers shared their opinions after the latest update on the construction of the site.

The huge 125m-tall turbines are being put up one by one on the marshes site next to the M56.

Developers Peel Energy have said they hope to have the wind farm up and running by the end of the year.

Bransby Macdonald-Williams said: “Can’t wait for this to come online, looks fantastic and will generate actual electricity from the actual wind.

Construction is progressing on Frodsham Wind Farm

“Genuinely worry about people who oppose this because it blocks their view of an oil refinery and a power plant.”

Evie Burt added: “Yep it’s certainly a different view for us, that’s for sure. Kids are very excited when they see another one being delivered in pieces along the road to be finally assembled! They are massive!”

Eventually Peel say the site will provide 50MW of clean energy, making it one the largest onshore stations in the country.

Roger Barber said: “If wind turbines are the future I would suggest that you buy lots of warm clothing and get a woodburning stove because wind turbines are inadequate to provide the energy we need.

“That is not just me that is the considered opinion of the chap who was the government’s chief scientific advisor.”

There was also the argument about how the wind farm looks and whether it enhances or ruins the view.

A peregrine falcon sweeps in front of a Frodsham Wind Farm turbine

Photographer Duncan Cowley had previously shared this photo with us of a peregrine falcon gliding past one of the turbines.

Nick Price said the development was ‘another eyesore on the landscape’.

Nev George simply said: “....and the reason we left Frodsham.”

In contrast, Jamie Hall commented: “I think they look great! Think of them as a sculpture representing human innovation.”

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