THE Only Way Is Essex reality star Lydia Bright swapped television cameras for three-metre-long sharks when she took the plunge at the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire Oaks.

Despite admitting to being ‘petrified’ of sharks, the 24-year-old fashion worker dived with the razor-toothed giants as part of a nationwide promotion to encourage people to try experiencing new things.

The dive is part of a new advertising campaign by Lipton Ice Tea where Lydia is challenged to try a series of new, and sometimes frightening, experiences.

“I'm going to be trying these things that I would never normally do. Swimming with sharks, handling dangerous animals and eating raw foods and it's trying to get people more aware of trying new things,” she said.

The Only Way Is Essex is a BAFTA award-winning reality show which follows the lives of a cast of colourful young adults, their friends and families.

Lydia was also persuaded to hold a snake, a chameleon and a Chile rose tarantula during her visit.