ACTION was taken by Ofsted after a child slipped back unnoticed into a nursery’s outside play space.

The issue arose at Overleigh Day Nursery, Overleigh Road, which can care for up to 146 under 8s.

Ofsted said it received a complaint which raised concerns about a child being left unattended for a short period of time. There were also concerns the parent had not been informed.

The watchdog said it needed to investigate to see whether the nursery was meeting the requirements. An unannounced visit found the youngster had been missing for a short period after the children had returned to the nursery, in a converted Victorian school.

Sufficient staff had been on hand ‘but they hadn’t noticed that a child had slipped back outside‘ following their return into the nursery’.

The nursery had changed its risk assessments to ensure the door concerned would always be kept securely closed in the future and had plans in place for additional security measures to reduce the risk of such an incident occurring again.

Ofsted sent the nursery a ‘notice of action to improve’.