Watch a video from when the River Dee froze over here

HALF-TERM holiday temperatures earlier this week meant that children had the chance to put down their computer games and head for the great outdoors.

The sun has shone, snowdrops have bloomed and spring feels like it has almost sprung.

But the city has seen its fair share of snow this winter and only last month those same children were grabbing their sledges for an impromptu afternoon of fun following the closure of many schools.

And as soon as temperatures fall below zero someone in the city mentions the day, 50 years ago, when the River Dee froze over.

In 1963, Cestrians walked (and even drove!) on water and thanks to many of our readers over the years, we have cine film footage and slides of the event on our website.

The films was taken by Gerald Hickson, whose father Cyril used to work at Bithell’s Boats, and Mary Gleave.

To view Mary and Derek’s films visit

If you have photographs of Chester in the snow during the past 50 years and would like to add them to the Chronicle archive, please email