A male had to be coaxed from a rooftop by a police negotiator after refusing to come down after several hours in the cold while wearing just a t-shirt.

Cheshire Police became aware of the man on a roof in Cornwall Street, Newtown , Chester , about 4am on Sunday (November 6).

He was seen walking along the rooftops and discarded his jumper so that he was only wearing a t-shirt in the freezing conditions.

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service , who were called from the nearby St Anne Street fire station, deployed their hydraulic platform to raise a police negotiator up to the man’s resting point by a chimney stack. He was eventually coaxed into the cage with the offer of a cigarette and down to safety about 8.50am.

An ambulance on standby at the end of Cornwall Street ready to receive a man who had to be persuaded to come down from a nearby rooftop.

The male, who does not live in the street, was arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance and criminal damage to the roof and a car below. He was taken by ambulance to the Countess of Chester Hospital to be assessed in case of hypothermia.

No evacuation of residents was necessary.

Sergeant David Barker, of Cheshire Police , who acted as bronze commander during the incident, said: “We’ve become aware of a male on the roof here and after several hours and negotiations, he’s come down peacefully. He’s been arrested for causing a public nuisance and criminal damage. Because of the ill effects of the cold while he’s been up there, he’s been taken to the Countess to be checked out.”