A LONG-STANDING member of the Kelsall Royal British Legion (RBL) has been recognised for his long service to the branch.

Chairman John Fisher, has devoted the past 30 years to the charity’s Poppy Appeal, which provides support to veterans from all conflicts and other military actions involving British servicemen.

And in the Poppy Appeal’s 90th anniversary year, Mr Fisher has been honoured with a long service award from the Cheshire County RBL for his work organising the poppy sales.

Chairman of the Cheshire County RBL, Eric Williamson, presented Mr Fisher with his award, with all the Kelsall British Legion members in attendance.

John Gray, a member of the Kelsall British Legion said it was a ‘nice occasion’.

He said: “John has collected the poppies for 30 years which is a long time when you think about it.

“He and his wife have been extremely hardworking over the years and it’s nice that he was recognised for that today.”