A father and son who spent eight weeks building a model Land Rover out of Lego need the public’s support to help get it on sale nationally.

Terry Fisher and his 10-year-old Lego-mad son Ben, from Kelsall, who had already built a Lego Campervan together, decided to make the most of last year’s summer holidays and Terry’s long term sick leave by building a Series III model, with each of them taking responsibility for constructing a different part of the vehicle.

Once it was finished, they posted a picture of their handiwork on the Lego Ideas website and mum Linda was tasked with sharing it on social media to promote it as much as possible, in the hope they get 10,000 supporters so their Land Rover model could eventually get reviewed as a product to be sold in the Lego store.

Linda told The Chronicle: “Terry found that building Lego took his mind off things while he was on sick leave. He had it from childhood and Ben loves it, his room is full of it!

The Lego Land Rover Terry and Ben Fisher built
The Lego Land Rover Terry and Ben Fisher built

“They came across a Lego brick that could be part of an engine and so decided to build a V8 engine between them. Then they thought of what cars they could build for the engine and they came up with the Land Rover Series III as Terry is a fan of them and Ben liked the idea.

“So Ben started making a dashboard and Terry concentrated on the chassis. As we already have the Lego Campervan, the Land Rover came together."

Linda added: “Terry and Ben do the building and my job has been posting it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and lots of other promotional avenues.

“We've currently got 4,400 supporters and it would be great to get to 10,000 so Ben could walk into a Lego store, see our Land Rover on the shelf and be able to say he built that with his dad.”

“I’ve really enjoyed my part in the project as have spoken to lots of people who have really loved it and tried to help me promote it by sharing on their social media pages which is great.”

The Fishers will be exhibiting their product at The Yorkshire Brick Show at the beginning of May as well as the Bricktastic Show in Manchester in July, and support has been coming thick and fast from places like Kelsall Primary School who have also been busy trying to drum up local support has been posting it on Facebook/Twitter.

You can show your support to the Fishers’ Lego model here or find them on Facebook by searching Lego Landrover.