Chester may have officially been hotter than Ibiza yesterday (May 8) but don't be getting out your paddling pools just yet.

Sadly, the current heatwave is set to break, leaving Chester and the rest of Britain feeling distinctly chilly.

While today (Monday) will be bright and sunny with clear blue skies in Chester, according to the Met Office, Tuesday is set to be cloudier with some heavy showers likely by the afternoon, and even the odd rumble of thunder.

Despite temperatures averaging 14°C, the whole country will grow a lot more chilly by Friday.

But luckily the cold spell won't not last for long, with temperatures set to recover by next week, and the end of May in particular, looking warmer than average.

He said: "The weekend will be cooler than average, but temperatures will recover next week. The end of May looks warmer than average, particularly in the south.

Forecaster Alex Burkill said: "June also looks warmer than average, though it is too soon to be talking about the whole summer."