A HELSBY man smashed up a taxi before jumping out of the broken window to avoid paying a £18 fine, a court heard.

Christopher James Kelly, of George Close in Helsby, caused almost £1,400 worth of damages after he ‘went wild’ in the back of a cab causing it to smash into the railings of Helsby High School.

The 36-year-old was fitted with an electronic tag and ordered to stay inside between 7pm-7am for 12 weeks during a hearing at Chester Magistrates Court on Thursday (January 31).

Kelly will also pay £1,550 to KingKabs taxi driver Gokham Tutuncukara who was so frightened by Kelly’s actions he drove him to Frodsham police station.

Kelly, who earns up to £6,000 a month working as a maritime contractor abroad, shouted over District Judge Nicolas Sanders saying it was ‘absolutely ridiculous’ and he could only afford to pay £5 a week for the crime.

At just before 4am on August 28 last year Kelly got into a taxi on Bridge Street in Chester and asked to be driven to Helsby.

But despite telling the driver he had money, Kelly refused to pay the £18 fare, even failing to get cash out at Tesco in Helsby after being driven to get the cash.

“When he told him he was taking him to the police station, [Kelly] went wild, kicking the sides, doors and windows and smashed the right side window,” said Marie Haydon, prosecuting.

“The driver lost control when driving and hit some metal railings outside the school.

“He managed to drive the vehicle to the police station. Kelly jumped out of the vehicle through the back window.”

Almost £1,400 worth of damage was caused to the taxi, which had damage to the windows, side step and paint work following the journey. The driver paid for all of the repairs himself.

Defending, Mike Grey said Kelly often travelled abroad for his job and spent his wage on bills and giving money to his parents.

Kelly was ordered to pay £1,550 in damages to the taxi driver as well as £600 in court costs.