Police are investigating how a fire began at a Cheshire high school yesterday (September 26).

A small fire was extinguished by a teacher at Helsby High School yesterday shortly after the end of the school day.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service did not attend.

It has been confirmed the Chester Local Policing Unit will attend the school today to investigate further.

The school is open as usual today following the incident.

A statement published by the school yesterday said: “The fire alarm was activated shortly after the end of the school day and the staff and students still in school evacuated the premises swiftly.

“A small fire was extinguished by a member of staff, the cause of which has been determined.

“There has been some minor damage to the room but nothing which would affect the learning of students, so school will be open tomorrow as usual.”

Chester Police tweeted: “@PoliceChester are aware of a minor fire that occurred at Helsby High School yesterday, Officers are attending today to investigate further.”