Family life guru Judith Sharman, a former head teacher from Chester, is offering families an opportunity that lasts a lifetime – a “toolkit” for building strong, resilient and nurturing families.

“In these cash rich but time-poor times family life is sadly unravelling and there is an urgent need to provide people with the skills to hold it all together,” said Judith, the former head of Hoole Church of England Primary School, Chester. Earlier in her career she taught at St Augustine’s Primary School in Miles Platting, Manchester.

“People need to be equipped with the toolbox of skills required for building the resilience within the family to face the challenges of the future, rather than have to react when things go wrong and live to regret it.”

Judith, aged 59, runs the family-nurturing organisation Well Tree Learning. She is holding her next parenting taster workshop at Nunsmere Hall Hotel, at Oakmere, Northwich on January 8 and a grandparenting workshop at the hotel on January 14.

The two workshops, Making Good Parenting Even Better and From Good to Great Grandparenting, are designed to provide a concentrated foretaste for a three-day course to be held at Nunsmere on January 16, 30 and February 5.

“We can take up to 50 people at each of the workshops and on the course and there are still places available,”she said.

“Family arrangements are incredibly varied nowadays so the course is designed to appeal to all family members from late teens to mothers, fathers, grandparents, single parents, step parents and foster parents. We will be providing them with the skills for building nurturing relationships that are based on traditional values, conscious discipline and the latest brain science.

“Whatever the situation, whatever the challenges being faced, we teach people how to make the most of every opportunity and make the right decision for themselves within the family environment. We want the family to be a place of harmony not a battlefield.”

Judith founded Well Tree Learning after a career in teaching which spanned 30 years.

Anyone interested in the workshops can call Judith Sharman on 0845 116 2011. Further details of the workshops and course can be found on the Well Tree Learning website: www.