People from in and around Chester have paid tribute to the 6th Duke of Westminster via social media on the day of his memorial service at Chester Cathedral.

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor died from a heart attack on Tuesday, August 9.

The celebration of his life prompted a huge response on our Facebook page of memories, tributes and people paying their respects.

Jean Cunliffe reminisced how he was always friendly, stating: "RIP. A true gent. Only met him a few times but once he found himself in the wrong room in a restaurant where a group of ladies (me included) were having a meal. We invited him to join us and he stayed for half an hour and chatted happily with everyone. Charming."

Lee Cartwright commented: "What a top bloke. He helped me train in agriculture! One of our country's true gentleman who understood his people. He honored rents in exchange for work gave without publicity. The last of our finest."

Debbie Graham said: "I met him in '85/'86 during a walk about at the Chronicle offices just after the fire, he was down to earth and incredibly pleasant!"

June Chiltonj remembered how much he did for the city, stating, "So sad. Far too young to leave us. He did do much for Chester and many other places quietly and privately. He will be sadly missed. Condolences to all who new and loved him."

Nanny Karen Irish Murphy backed this up, saying, "I hope his life is well celebrated, he did so much for the people of Chester."

Pauline Gaulton said: "Great respect for both him and his father. Chester benefited from both of them!"

Michael Fellows commented: "Yes so sad. I remember him coming to Waverton to open our new village hall. A true gent, RIP."

Michelle Simpson remembered how His Grace was a charitable man, stating, "Respect for a lovely man and his family. They helped my late mum in all of her charity work."

Jenny Williams had links to His Grace, saying, "RIP. He was a lovely man. My Dad drove his armoured car for 10 years and they were really good friends."