A young girl battling cancer has overcome a devastating setback, leaving her family in tears of joy.

Demi Butler was left heartbroken at the weekend after she was told her body was fighting away the bone marrow donation from her eight-year-old sister, Ellie.

It was a major blow but the brave 11-year-old from Ellesmere Port was determined to keep on fighting – and, amazingly, her courage and determination has paid off.

Today (November 15), doctors confirmed Demi's body is beginning to accept her sister’s healthy bone marrow, meaning the transplant is beginning to work.

By the end of the week, Demi is expected to begin the process of recovery.

Speaking of news which has left her family in tears of joy, Demi's mum, Sam Butler, said she is the ‘proudest mum ever’.

“I am so happy after hearing what I heard this morning," added Sam.

“My Ellie Mae has actually saved her big sister's life. Her bone marrow is now working in Demi’s body.

Sisters, Ellie and Demi Butler will undoubtedly share an unbreakable bond for the rest of their lives

“Poor Demi has been through the mill and back, suffering every complication that comes with the transplant.

“But finally, after the worst few months of our family’s life, we hear the words that make us all smile.

“Ellie is at school today, completely oblivious to what she has actually done for her sister.

“Demi is going to be up out of bed by the end of this week doing star jumps round the room with her nan.

“I am the proudest mum ever.”

Demi’s grandmother, Anna, who has been at her bedside every day, is overwhelmed with happiness.

She said: “I am so happy today. Demi is amazing and if there was enough room in our room to do flick flacks, I would, but I have settled for a victory dance instead.”

Demi’s uncle, Darren Butler, said: “We all had tears of joy hearing this news today.

“Demi has been so brave throughout every step of this journey and will continue to do so until the end is reached.

“She wants to visit our auntie Viv who lives in Taunton when she is discharged, who is also having an operation today.”

Her auntie Viv said it is the ‘strength and courage of Demi and her family who will get her through today’.

Demi’s auntie, Toni Butler said: “If this has taught us anything, it is to take each day as it comes and to always stay hopeful.”

Following the bone marrow transplant on November 3, Demi and Ellie have received hundreds of messages of support from across the world, including Australia, America, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Darren added: “Their story and journey has captured the hearts of everybody and they so deserve the recognition for what they have done as sisters.”