A 25-year-old man committed suicide by hanging himself from the zip wire of an outdoor adventure centre in Delamere Forest, an inquest heard.

Marc Damion Boender, of Meppel, Holland, was discovered at Go Ape by a couple walking their dog on the morning of January 27.

The inquest in Chester last Thursday, May 8, heard that Mr Boender, a Eurocamp manager, was one week through a four-week training course and had been staying in one of the forest’s holiday cottages.

A statement by Mr Boender’s former girlfriend, university student Emilia Hall, was read out at the inquiry.

She said their relationship ended shortly before Christmas last year and Mr Boender had not taken it well.

On January 26, the day before he died, Miss Hall received an email from Mr Boender in which he said he was going to kill himself.

Miss Hall emailed Mr Boender’s mother to say she was concerned about him and requested that he contact her.

Although Miss Hall said she didn’t believe Mr Boender would take his own life, she reported her concerns to West Yorkshire Police, who traced the signal of his internet-enabled device to Delamere Forest.

West Yorkshire Police then passed the information to Cheshire Constabulary, who dispatched a helicopter to Delamere Forest for an overhead search to locate Mr Boender.

The enquiry also heard written evidence from Richard Gibson, who was also on the training course and had been sharing a room with Mr Boender. Mr Gibson said that Mr Boender, whom he hadn’t met prior to the course, was reserved at times but also ‘sociable and engaged’.

Mr Gibson said his roommate didn’t talk much about his personal  life, but added that Mr Boender had  been excited about a new campsite in France he had been assigned.

He woke at about 7am on January 27 and noticed that Mr Boender was not in bed. He fell asleep again until about 9am and heard a helicopter but said he didn’t think anything of it.

Linda Atkinson told the inquest she and her husband and their dog were near the Go Ape zip wire when she spotted Mr Boender.

Mrs Atkinson, a nurse, went to Mr Boender to check if he was alive while her husband went to get help.

In a statement, Mr Boender’s  father Roelof Boender said his son had no known history of depression, nor any financial  difficulties he was aware of.

Toxicology tests revealed that Mr Boender, who had been suffering from a heavy cold at the time of his  death, had paracetemol and ibuprofen in his system, which were consistent with therapeutic rather than excessive use. The  results showed no evidence of alcohol or drug excess.

Det Sgt John Lyons from Northwich CID told the inquest Mr Boender was found near the landing area of the zip wire and had tied a dressing gown cord to the zip wire to hang himself.

Describing West Yorkshire Police and Cheshire Constabulary’s response as ‘vigilant and very prompt’, assistant coroner for Cheshire Jean Harkin said: “It will  be comforting to Mr Boender’s family to know that Cheshire Constabulary and West Yorkshire Police did everything they could to  help find him, and that Mrs  Atkinson had a background in  nursing and was able to tell that Damion would not survive.”

Mrs Harkin recorded a conclusion of taking his own life by hanging.