Skaters from Deeside ice rink have tasted success at the Blackpool Ice Skating Festival.

A number of skaters achieved podium places and all skaters personal best scores which placed them second in the aggregate cup.

Councillor Kevin Jones recently presented the participants with their silver medals and certificates and the leisure centre.

The skaters who won medals included: Amelia Goodall (1st beginner aged nine), Emma Lyons (1st solo exhibition aged 10 & under), Caroline Morris (1st adult pre bronze), Ellie Huntington (1st adult silver), Lilly Williams-Howell (1st level 7 and 2nd solo exhibition aged 11 & over), Lily Bakhtiari (2nd beginner aged nine), Jessica Trevor (2nd beginner aged 11 and 12), Justine Salusbury (2nd level 3 aged 13 and over), Chloe Garner (3rd level 3 aged 12 & under and 2nd solo exhibition aged 10 & under), Ashleigh Salusbury (3rd level 1 aged 11 & 12), Genevieve St John Williams (3rd group exhibition), Katie Gillmore (3rd group exhibition), Hannah White (3rd group exhibition), Lidia Gillmore (3rd group exhibition), Charlotte Lester (3rd group exhibition), Hollie Durham (3rd group exhibition), Ellie Christian (3rd level 6 ladies), Tracey Hodkinson-Jones (3rd adult silver), Tia Owen (3rd group exhibition), Emma Griffiths (3rd group exhibition.)

Other skaters who took part were: Emma Shimali, Chloe Davies, Livia Brookin, Lily-Ella Reynolds, Daisy Lindop, Isabel Barnes, Katie Bruce, Olivia Smith, Sarn Nadin, Lily Harwood, Mia Amer, Ashleigh Hogarth, Roisin Estebanez, Isabelle Lindop, Beth Jones, Hilary Greenhalgh, Kaci Morrison, Candice Morrison, Emily Butler, Molly Robotham, Milly Duff, Poppy Hebden-Jacks, Rebekah Badeeb, Hannah Lonsdale, Emma Shawcross.