A FLEET-footed criminal who was jailed for four months after running from police told court staff if he was given the slightest opportunity he would try to escape again.

Serial escapee David William Lightfoot, 34, of no fixed address, appeared at Chester Crown Court in handcuffs after judge Roger Dutton decided he “couldn’t take the risk”.

Lightfoot had brazenly made the announcement to security staff delivering him to court charged with another escape from November.

Police were called to Banbury House hostel, Ellesmere Port, on November 28, 2008, after Lightfoot was recalled to prison for an earlier offence.

Peter Frost, prosecuting, said: “Officers were instructed to arrest Lighfoot because he was being recalled to prison.

“He was escorted to the room in which he was staying to allow him to pack up his belongings. He then slammed the door to the room shut and barricaded it with a wardrobe to stop staff getting in.”

Hurling a wooden chair, Lightfoot smashed a window and clambered out before police could break into the room and wasn’t caught for a fortnight.

Robin Boag, defending, said: “He has a substantial criminal record including a previous escape in 1996. His recapture was only a matter of time, he didn’t have the wherewithall to move away.”

Lightfoot was sentenced to four months imprisonment after pleading guilty to escaping from custody.