Scores of people have backed the Countess of Chester Hospital and defended its 'amazing' service following news that patients are waiting too long for treatment.

On Tuesday (September 27), we reported that data from NHS England shows the hospital has been unable to meet NHS A&E targets for almost a year.

It was also revealed patients at the hospital are waiting longer than they should be to begin cancer treatment.

However, this news sparked a debate among Chronicle readers who have been sharing their views on social media.

Supporting the service, Michael Edwards said on our Facebook page: “I have been attending for some months now for skin cancer treatment – never had any problem over waiting times!

“Apart from one visit every time has been spot on!”

Heather Davenport said people’s expectations ‘need to be realistic’.

She wrote: “Waiting lists are due to increased demand and as we all know, not enough funding.

“Sadly the NHS cannot afford it all but we’re so lucky and need to fight for it.”

Also in praise of the service, Danielle Twittey said: “I went for the first time last night to the Countess A&E and although the total time there was just short of four hours, it was clear to see they were doing everything they could and treating those who were clearly a priority first.

“The staff were lovely, I couldn’t fault them, and they have a TV which shows you how long you can expect to wait so you’re fully informed.”

Laura Wyatt added: “Fed up of hearing so many negative people whinging about so much stuff – this is what allows us to edge ever closer to privatisation.

“Are your operations life threatening? We have a health service that is crippled under the weight of a fast food culture of wanting everything now.

“If you don’t like the wait, go private.

“The NHS is not your God given right to whinge – we’re so lucky that we have this service and we should be shouting about it from the rooftops and looking to solve those problems rather than dragging it down.

“The Countess of Chester Hospital might not be perfect but its staff work hard and they’ve always been amazing whenever we’ve had to use their services.

“Stop whinging, stop misusing A&E, stop voting Tory, and start being grateful for what we have otherwise it won’t be long and you’ll be paying for the privilege of waiting.”

Andrew Devine also defended the service and its staff.

“Instead of bashing NHS staff, why not have a go at the people who go there for non-emergency issues,” he said.

“I was there a week or so ago for my four-year-old and a suspected broken wrist. Place was full of time wasters!

“The staff are doing their best, we should be supportive not trying to do them over in the papers!”

Sonya Crook added: “Thank god for the NHS the treatment my daughter received was excellent the A&E is pushed to its limits but the doctors and nurses are amazing they do an excellent job and really do care keep up the good work you are all saints and a credit to the Countess of Chester hospital.”

However, others who had experienced longer waits also shared their positive experiences.

Hani Fearon said: “It’s been totally mixed for me.

“I waited eight weeks for an ‘urgent’ examination, during which they discovered that I had cancer.

“However, following that, everything was very quick and I had scans within days before being referred to another hospital.”

Amanda Evans added: “Great service I’ve received with all my consultants and can’t complain.

“Only negative is A&E but it’s not the hospital's fault, it’s government cuts! Keep up the good work, Countess.”

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