THREE Chester lap dancers have been performing for Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan.

Emma Phillips, Katie Firth and Lisa Williams went before the judges on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent with their synchronised pole dancing act which was toned down compared with their normal routine at Chester’s Platinum Lounge.

Calling themselves Aspara – named after mythical 'nymphs' who used to dance for gods and fallen warriors – the girls also had to impress female judges Amanda Holden and Kelly Brook at the audition in Manchester.

A disappointed Lisa, 24, who lives in Chester, said: “They didn’t like it. We got buzzed off 10 seconds before the end. They were not impressed and we didn’t get much feed-back.

“I think the production team thought we would go through and they couldn’t believe it. We couldn’t believe it.”

Lisa added: “Piers said we were ‘technically rubbish’ but Simon had an argument with him saying ‘what would you know?’. He said ‘I’ve been to many lap-dancing clubs with you Simon’ and that got a laugh.

“One of the girls, I think it was Amanda, said we should have done it in our underwear and Simon agreed.”

Lisa said she and the other girls “loved” the day.

“It was brilliant and one of the scariest things I have ever done,” she said, explaining that the idea to take part came up while she was at work.

“I was on the pole in work and when I came off this guy went ‘Britain’s got talent!’ and I thought why not? We featured more the sporty side of it because it is very physical – I think it should be in the Olympics.

“The judges said it should have been more like a dance in a club but we couldn’t have done that on a family show.”

The third series of the show will be broadcast this spring and Lisa understands the Aspara audition will be broadcast.