Chester is the second best place to live in the UK - according to this year’s Hot Housing Index.

Once again, Chester outranked hundreds of other places in the country as the best place to live in this year’s Property Week’s UK Top 50 survey - undertaken by location specialist CACI - bypassing Stockport, Harrogate and Edinburgh in the top five.

The Hot Housing Index ranks the top 50 towns and cities around the country and 20 best locations within London based on a range of criteria to determine the best residential locations, including the most desirable locations based on value for money - drawn from both prices and average incomes - and the overall quality of life in an area.

Now in its second year, CACI based its winner on local employment levels, amenities, schools, connectivity to the internet and for the first time, accessibility to public transport.

Our city secured an overall score of 71.70 per cent - down four per cent since last year - with school provision, local amenities and public transport accessibility scoring the highest marks.

However, with 74.30 per cent of the vote, Crewe climbed to the top and triumphed this year’s survey as the best place to live in the UK after coming third behind Chester and Beverley last year.

Chief executive of Marketing Cheshire, Katrina Michel, said she is “delighted” Chester has been ranked the second best place to live in the UK.

Katrina Michel, chief executive of Marketing Cheshire
Katrina Michel, chief executive of Marketing Cheshire

“This just goes to show just what an amazing city Chester is and how much it is changing for the better," she said.

“Every now and again surveys like this come around and it reminds us how fortunate we are to live in such a good place.

“With the announcement of the new Picturehouse cinema, the arrival of the Opera Grill and other new attractions, we’re seeing fantastic new stuff coming to our city.

“Chester has improved a lot over the last few years and that is something we can be proud of.

“Also, well done to Crewe - it is clearly a place with great potential.”

The research also revealed the average property price across the whole of the UK is more than six times the average household income and generally speaking, the top 50 is dominated by areas outside the south of England.

Liz Hamson, editor of Property Week, said: “Some people like to perpetuate the myth that London is the only place to live.

“As someone currently enjoying the resurgence of interest in Margate, I know first hand this is far from true and it’s fantastic that this independent research has highlighted the wide variety of great places to live.”

The data comes days ahead of RESI, the UK’s biggest property conference, which is set to be attended by new housing minister Gavin Barwell, London deputy mayor James Murray and former chancellor Nigel Lawson.

Other places that scored highly in the Hot Housing Index include Hamilton in South Lanarkshire, Beverley in East Riding of Yorkshire, Warrington, Inverurie in Aberdeenshire and Devizes in Wiltshire.