GOD took seven days to create the world but a group of performers from Chester have only half-an-hour to tell his story.

Chester Mystery Plays in Miniature presents The Creation at the city’s amphitheatre from June 17-19.

Composed and directed by Theatre in the Quarter’s Matt Baker and designed by Tony Lewery, with choreography by Katherine Jacob, the production involves children from schools in Chester and Frodsham, a community choir, the University of Chester’s Harlequin Project and Home Grown Dance Company.

Matt, who composed the music for the 2003 and 2008 cycles of Chester Mystery Plays said: “Following the success of Noah last year, we are back at the amphitheatre to tell a very creative story.

“Without giving too much away, God is larger than life and a cast of 200 make this half hour play into an epic.”

A large film screen will tell part of the Bible’s tale of the beginning of the universe and Hammond School professional dance students Liam Pentland and Abbie Biscoe play Adam and Eve.

Children from Bishops’ Bluecoat, Dee Banks, Frodsham CE, Frodsham Manor House, Helsby Hillside and Kingsley Community schools act out the seven days of the creation.

Dancers from Home Grown portray the sun, moon and stars and music is provided by soloist Charlotte McKelvie and Karamba Samba.

Project manager Jane Dawson said: “Putting on these miniature productions means that we can extend the mystery plays family to include groups we haven’t worked with before as well as those who are regular participants.”

The Creation, part of MBNA Chestival, is a free event at Chester amphitheatre on Friday, June 17, at 6pm, Saturday, June 18, at 4pm and Sunday, June 19, at 1pm and 4pm.

The next production of Chester Mystery Plays is in July 2013. For more information visit www.chestermysteryplays.com.