A heroic Police Community Support Officer has been praised after his quick-thinking actions saved a man’s life in Chester city centre.

PCSO Keith Bartlett was on routine patrol when he discovered a man lying unconscious on City Road on Saturday night (June 24).

Checking his vital signs, Keith noticed the 42-year-old wasn’t breathing and immediately called for an ambulance before starting CPR.

Within a minute the man began breathing again and, when paramedics arrived, they told Keith his ‘swift, decisive and professional’ actions had resulted in saving the man’s life.

Heroic actions

Keith said: “When I saw him lying on the ground, I didn’t hesitate to go over and help. All I kept thinking about was ensuring he started breathing again.

“As soon as I heard him let out a big gasp of air I was so relieved and happy.”

The man was taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital for treatment and was later released.

Chief Inspector Mike Evans, of Chester Local Policing Unit, said: “I am extremely proud of Keith for his swift, decisive and professional actions in what was a very challenging situation. Keith’s professional and compassionate manner shows what an asset he is to our local community.

“Without doubt Keith helped to save this man’s life.”