A Cheshire West and Chester councillor has been sentenced to 100 hours’ unpaid work for assaulting a bouncer.

Cllr Matt Bryan, 30, who represents Upton , denied spitting in the face of doorman David Keating when he went on trial at Chester magistrates .

This followed an incident at Kuckoo bar in Watergate Street, Chester, just after midnight on February 13 this year.

He was also alleged to have kicked Mr Keating as he was being dragged from the premises, which was also denied.

Magistrates who watched CCTV evidence from inside and outside the venue and heard live evidence, preferred the accounts of doormen Mr Keating and Carl Jervis over Bryan.

The Labour councillor, who is appealing against conviction, must also fork out £50 compensation to Mr Keating, pay a victim surcharge of £85 and court costs of £620.

The Kuckoo bar in Watergate Street, Chester.

The court heard the incident developed after Bryan, whose postal address is Cambrian Avenue, Vicars Cross , was called down from the top of a spiral staircase just inside the premises by doorman Carl Jervis.

Bryan, who was out with friends, was trying to contact his girlfriend on his mobile phone but was considered to be causing a hazard.

The defendant, who was deputy chairman of the licensing committee at the time, believed Mr Jervis had acted in an aggressive manner and told him he would be making a complaint to management.

It was after Mr Jervis refused to show him his badge that Bryan attempted to take a photo in order to identify him later, at which point his colleague David Keating stepped in.

Mr Keating, giving evidence, claimed he asked the defendant to make his call outside when Bryan twice swore at him then spat in his face, leaving spittle on his chin.

The doorman told the court: “It was quite degrading. I would prefer to be pushed rather than spat at.”

He claimed that as Bryan was bundled outside, by himself and two colleagues, he was ‘kicking me in the shins’ but conceded under cross examination there were no injuries.

Cllr Matt Bryan pictured with anti-fracking protesters last month ahead of a trial which saw him acquitted of obstructing a police officer during the eviction of the anti-fracking camp at Upton in January.

Bryan was arrested and taken to Blacon Custody Suite after refusing to provide his details to a police officer.

When interviewed he admitted having drunk three or four pints but was ‘never aggressive’. He recalled trying to get a picture of Mr Jervis because of his conduct.

But he completely denied spitting in his colleague’s face.

Bryan asked police: “Where is the swab, where is the CCTV evidence?”

He was also challenged as to why he had apparently said at the scene: “I’m a councillor from Flintshire.”

In interview, Bryan responded: “I shouldn’t have said that because it was cringeworthy.”

Bryan, who is banned for life from Chester Pubwatch licensed premises because of the incident, told the court: “The CCTV shows my head was in a different direction to him (Keating) unless I’ve got a 180 degree spitting skill!”

He claimed Mr Keating tried to put him in ‘an arm lock quite aggressively’ and added: “They all piled on and dragged me outside.”

Labour MP Chris Matheson with Cllr Bryan during an anti-fracking demonstration, before both were elected, pictured outside Cheshire West and Chester Council's HQ building.

Bryan’s solicitor Adam Bonney said the alleged kicking by his client was him stumbling as he was pulled backwards.

He told magistrates: “There was no assault. It’s just a drunken man being manhandled out of a club by bouncers.”

The court heard Bryan, who was suspended by the national Labour Party following the late night incident, had a previous conviction for driving with excess alcohol dating from 2012.

Magistrates chairman Ian Irving said: “We accept the evidence of Carl Jervis and David Keating because it was consistent and credible.

“We do not attach weight to Mr Bryan’s evidence because it was not credible.”

Passing sentence, Mr Irving said: “This has been rather a foolish enterprise from start to finish from somebody who should have known a lot better, done in drink or not.”

Cllr Bryan, who is launching an appeal, said afterwards: “Frankly I’m quite shocked because the CCTV shows quite clearly that my head was in the opposite direction to the bouncer I allegedly spat on.”