A Lache youngster whose cancer was diagnosed all thanks to a bowl of prunes, was the guest of honour at the opening of a new charity shop in Chester.

Four-year-old Noah Scott, of Newbury Road, cut the ribbon at Cancer Research UK’s new store on Foregate Street, after a brave battle with the disease since he was 13 months.

Noah’s mum Nia had given him a bowl of prunes and he ended up enjoying them so much he ate the entire bowl, which left him with diarrhoea and wind. Feeling guilty for feeding him the prunes, Nia took him to the doctor the next day, but when the GP was examining Noah, he felt a swelling in his stomach and sent him immediately to hospital for an ultrasound scan

Scans, blood tests and a biopsy at Alder Hey Hospital, revealed Noah had neuroblastoma, a cancer of nerve cells left behind from development in the womb.

The Belgrave Primary School pupil began chemotherapy treatment to shrink the tumour growing on his adrenal gland, behind his kidney and had attached to his urethra, and was placed on a Cancer Research UK-funded clinical trial.

The treatment successfully shrank the tumour and Noah underwent surgery to have it removed in 2011, leaving him cancer-free at last, but still needing regular check-ups.

Nia, 32, said: “We feel very grateful for the research which helped to save Noah’s life. Cancer Research UK’s work is at the heart of progress in helping people like Noah, but more research is needed and I urge everyone to support the shop.”

Shop manager Tracy Mallon said: “We’re so grateful to Nia and Noah for their support. Their experience shows why it’s crucial to raise money to fund research into cancer.”