CHESTER City Council have appointed BDP as master planners to the Chester Renaissance programme – proposing to regenerate the Cathedral and its surroundings, the Rows and Chester Castle.

Rita Waters, the chief executive of Chester Renaissance, said: “We are very pleased to appoint BDP to prepare this master plan which is so important to Chester achieving its ambitious city vision.

“We are confident that BDP will work effectively with public and private sector interests to develop a plan that will not only help us make the most of the city’s world-class heritage but will identify the investment opportunities that will take Chester forward.”

The work will be part-funded by the Northwest Regional Development Agency and English Heritage.

Rob Shackleton, architect at the company’s Liverpool studio, said: “This is an incredible project for the team and an exciting opportunity to work alongside Chester Renaissance, Chester City Council and Chester Cathedral during an important period in the City’s re-development.”

The Dean of Chester, the very revd professor Gordon McPhate, said: “We are delighted with the appointment of BDP and the master plan team for this project that is vital not only for the city but will also secure the future of this magnificent cathedral in the heart of Chester.”

BDP invited and collaborated with a number of leading consultants during the bid process to deliver the strongest possible team to meet the brief’s requirements. This included Knight Frank, JMP, Redhouse Consultants and Oxford Archaeology North, all of whom will now form the master plan team with BDP.